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Alleged Meth makers federally indicted
Written by Greg Bird   
Friday, 29 August 2008
Three McCreary County men who were arrested in connection with illegally manufacturing methamphetamine, may be facing some serious time behind bars after the trio were indicted in Federal Court Wednesday. Darrell R. Rollins, Stephen A. Phillips and Darren Renfro were formally charged in U.S. District Court in London with knowingly and intentionally manufacturing methamphetamine as well as using over $4,000 to commit and facilitate the commission of the illegal operation.
According to the affidavit presented by USDA Forest Service Special Agent Frank Antos, who took over the case, at approximately 3 a.m. on August 12, KSP Trooper Tony Dingus and Trooper Shaler Jones were on patrol in the vicinity of North Bee Rock Road in response to information that three suspects were reportedly in the area cooking meth.
The troopers reported hearing the sounds of vehicle traffic in a remote area and began to investigate, joined by McCreary County Deputy Chris King and Constable Jamie Higgenbotham. Walking down a dirt road, the officers noticed a vehicle that matched the description of a vehicle operated by Rollins and other evidence that indicated recent human presence.
Trooper Dingus also noticed a strong chemical odor he recognized as one associated with the manufacture of methamphetamine and several propane tanks and other items used in cooking meth. As the officers approached the area where the suspected lab was located they heard sounds of people running through the woods and began a pursuit.
A short while later Stephen A. Phillips, 28, was captured and taken into custody. Officers also found Rollins, who was allegedly attempting to hide from the officers, and placed him under arrest. Renfro was found a short while later hiding in a tree near the crime scene and taken into custody.
Rollins was arrested less than 10 days prior after the Lake Cumberland Area Drug Task Force busted a large clandestine meth lab at Rollins’ home on August 1.
Penalties for the charges can carry a prison sentence of not less than five years and no more than 40 years, a possible $2,000,000 fine and four years of supervised release.
Rollins, who has prior felony conviction in 2004 for Manufacturing Methamphetamine, could face a prison sentence of no less than 10 years and not more than life imprisonment, up to $4,000,000 in fines and eight years supervised release if convicted a for a second offense. A total of $4,045 was confiscated from Rollins and Phillips and could be forfeited to the court.
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